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    Sodium tetraphenylboron

    Name: Sodium tetraphenylboron
    CAS: 143-66-8
    Assay: ≥99%
    Appearance: White granular or powder
    Capacity: 100mt/year
    Min.package: 100gram
    Application: Organic intermediate
    Standard: Enterprise export
    Manufacturer: Jinan Finer Chemical Co., Ltd

    Synonyms: Sodium tetraphenylborate
                       Tetraphenylboron sodium
    Molecular Formula: C24H20BNa
    Molecular Weight: 342.22
    CAS Registry Number: 143-66-8
    EINECS: 205-605-5
    Melting point: 300 ºC

    Detailed application:

    1. Catalyst for polycondensation of carbonate was prepared by transesterification.

    2. Determination of potassium, sodium and chloric organic compounds.

    3. Current titration of amines, quaternary ammonium compounds and potassium.

    4. Grignard's reagent was synthesized with magnesium chips, brominated benzene, ether solution and iodine tablets.

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