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    Optical Whitener OB-1

    Name: 2,2'-(1,2-Ethenediyldi-4,1-phenylene)bisbenzoxazole
    CAS: 1533-45-5
    Assay: ≥98.5%
    Appearance: Bright yellow crystal powder
    Capacity: 500mt/year
    Min.package: 1gram
    Application: Used for whitening polyester raw liquid, especially for whitening polyester fiber, and whitening terylene, cotton and other blended fabrics. Also used for whitening plastic products
    Standard: Enterprise export
    Manufacturer: Jinan Finer Chemical Co., Ltd

    Synonyms: Optical Whitener OB-1
                       Fluorescent Brightener OB-1
                       Optical Whitener 393
    Molecular Formula: C28H18N2O2
    Molecular Weight: 414.46
    CAS Registry Number: 1533-45-5
    EINECS: 216-245-3
    Melting point : 350-361℃

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